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The " Skion Palace 4+* " hotel by the sea, witha a huge green area ideal for every person who wants to have a luxury relax, is located in Nea Skioni's natural and tranquil beauty area where the fresh fish is the symbol of this beautiful village in Kassandra, Chalkidiki. This new opened hotel in 2015, have works in progress in order to enrich internal and external "outfit" and satisfy even the most demanded guest. A small earthly paradise is waiting to welcome every guest would like to visit it and feel the hospitality of a more than a 4* hotel.
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Οι οδηγίες του παιδιάτρου ρητές και κατηγορηματικές: «Bούτα τον στην θάλασσα αμέσως μόλις γεννηθεί. Τα μωρά είναι τόσο εξοικειωμένα με το νερό όσο και τα ψάρια…». Κι όμως. Αν κάποια μωρά είναι γεννημένα «γοργόνες» ή «σαργοί», κάποια άλλα απεχθάνονται το νερό όπως ο διάβολος το...